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Brought together by leading fashion designer and artist Helen David, who wanted to record an album of lounge music that would be quintessentially English, How To Dress Sensibly featuring ‘Thingabout London’ has been recorded by an oddball collection of individuals who include Toyah Willcox, Suggs and Asher Senator . The album is a mixture of words from great English eccentrics past and present and original lounge music. Helen was inspired by the doyen of the avant-garde, Dame Edith Sitwell. The Sitwells were from the infamous Bloomsbury set of the Twenties. Included in Edith's many diverse and often bizarre activities was a selection of poems called Façade and a book entitled English Eccentrics. All the members of English Eccentrics were born in Great Britain but come from completely different backgrounds...
All of  English Eccentrics tracks are available to download from i-Tunes. Click here.
Suggs - Singer Records born in Camden Town, is a member of Madness. His songs reflect his unconventional outlook on life, which he lives to the full. Never one to shy away from a challenge, Suggs took on the difficult task of recording the track Valse/Ladies How Vain. In the past this tongue-twisting poem by Dame Edith Sitwell has always been recited by artistes from the upper classes. Suggs reinvents it with his inimitable Camden Town accent.   Toyah Willcox - Singer Records since launching herself on an unsuspecting British public during the punk rock era, with unforgettable appearances in the Who’s Quadrophenia and Derek Jarman’s ground-breaking movie Jubilee.

has always been an anti-establishment and provocative individual. At a meeting with producer Ray Singer she mentioned her fondness for layering many tracks of voices together to make a special effect. For the track One Cup of Tea, Toyah uses this technique to sound like an Indian siren, then using the word “chai”, a typical Birmingham expression for tea, she goes back to her roots.
Belinda Low - Singer Records comes from the West Country and
as an actress has worked with the likes of Harold Pinter, Albert Finney, Alan Bates, Mathew Modine and Michael Gambon. Her talent for acting and impersonation go
hand in hand. On the track Must You Go, Belinda takes
on the delicate demeanour of a married woman having
an affair, as in the typically British movie Brief Encounter.
For the track  How To Dress Sensibly,  she becomes an officious spokeswoman for the English Land Army information department of World War II and on the track George, she pays tribute to the late comedienne and eccentric, Joyce Grenfell.
  Michael Storey - Singer Records was born in the West Country and is an actor, composer, musician and general man about town. He has composed music for films such as Another Country and Just Like A Woman and wrote the incidental music to John Le Carre’s A Perfect Spy. As an ex-student of the Central School of Drama in London, Michael uses his acting skills for the track Must You Go. Taking the part of a typical stiff upper lip Englishman from the 1940’s, he helps tell this tale of unrequited love which begins and ends in a railway station typical of the era.
Asher Senator - Singer Records was born in London’s Brixton and writes and performs his poetry to audiences up and down the country as well as working with youth groups in his
area. At Helen David’s request he wrote the words to a
song about a subject he knew well… London. Arriving at
the recording studios with an entourage of back-up singers ranging in age from ten to sixty, Asha proceeded to rap his insightful lyrics into the microphone and the results can be heard on the track: Thingabout London.
  James David - Singer Records  at seventeen, is the youngest member of the English Eccentrics team. Born in London, he quit school to concentrate on his main love: music. An accomplished percussionist and composer, he co-wrote and produced How To Dress Sensibly . James records his tracks behind a secret door in his bedroom, surrounded by various guitars, keyboards and an odd collection of percussion instruments. On some of the tracks he is joined by musician friends like guitarist Phish, keyboard wizard Danny Kuperberg and ace trumpeter Graeme Flowers.
Ray Singer - Singer Records was born in Kent and is a composer, actor, record producer and occasional stand-up comic.
Ray has produced film music, commercials and worked
with such diverse artists as Japan, Peter Sarstedt and Joan Armatrading. His taste for the out of the ordinary, finds him producing strange sounds from his recording studio in London’s Kentish Town. For the album track George, Ray takes on the persona of an old age pensioner looking back on the days of his youth, on Excuses, Excuses he recites a monologue by the late, great English Eccentric, Peter Cook and on the track One Cup of Tea he becomes a crazed Master of Ceremonies. Ray co-wrote and produced the English Eccentrics album.
  Colin David - Singer Records was born in North London. He is a designer and print-maker and along with his wife Helen David, is a director of the fashion house English Eccentrics.  In his spare time he plays guitar, is an accomplished chef, and designs his own fireworks. For
the track Somerset House, which he wrote especially for the album, Colin tracked his guitar many times to try and create the special atmosphere of the forecourt of one of the famous landmarks of London, transformed each winter into an ice rink for the public.
Phish - Singer Records was born in New England and so could be said
to be a New English Eccentric. He started playing the guitar when only eight, because it was: “the only instrument I could think of that wasn’t a piano.” He spent his early teenage years drinking cheap cider and going to sweaty rock concerts. Now in his late teens, Phish drinks reasonably priced beer, thinks about going back to doing martial arts sometime and tries to stay as dry as possible. His first shared project with James David was skateboarding which was soon replaced by music. Phish's cool guitar playing can be heard on the track How To Dress Sensibly.


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All of  English Eccentrics tracks are available to download
from i-Tunes. Click here.

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